Notepad spilled with Aero

Glass Notepad is a free portable notepad for Windows 7 and Vista that is similar to the default notepad but is only transparent. It has a slick eye-candy look that might appeal to most users.
A remake of the classical Notepad with a completely glassed surface
Glass Notepad brings good looks and improved functionality to the well-known Windows text editor.

Glass Notepad is a free portable notepad for Windows 7 and Vista that is similar to the default notepad but is only transparent. It has a slick eye-candy look that might appeal to most users. A remake of the classical Notepad with a completely glassed surface,


Its really cool to have transparency all over the screen, kinda hifi and sexy. Its just a notepad but we use it very often, right. It fits in Windows Vista and Windows 7 like a charm and there is just a exe file, no need to install it.


Glass Notepad brings good looks and improved functionality to the well-known Windows text editor.

And here is this link Glass Notepad


LifeHacker: Most Popular Free Windows Downloads of 2008

Firefox 3 Is Released, We Download

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Mojo Downloads Music from Your Friends’ iTunes Libraries Over the Internet

Mojo makes it easy to download music from your friends’ iTunes libraries over the internet. Mojo comes in both free and premium flavors, but the free version offers plenty of functionality for the money. If you’re just getting started with Mojo, check out our guide to using Mojo.

Free PDF to Word Doc Converter Does What It Sounds Like

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OurTunes Grabs Music from Shared iTunes Libraries

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CCleaner Clears the Crap from Your PC

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AVG Free Anti-Virus 2008

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Windows Vista Service Pack 1

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Hotspot Shield Gets Around US-Only Blocks and Content Filtering

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Quick Media Converter Easily Converts Media to Any Format

Quick Media Converter converts virtually any media file (audio or video) from one format to another. The application has an emphasis on simplicity: Just drag and drop a file you want to convert onto the app, click the icon of the device you’re converting for, and let Quick Media Converter take care of the rest. (Original post)

DExposE2 Brings OS X’s Expose to Windows

Freeware application DExposE2 is a clone of Mac OS X’s Expose feature for Windows XP and Vista, providing an attractive, innovative interface for switching and managing windows in Windows. Check out the original post to see a video DExposE2 in action.

Dropbox Instantly Syncs Files Across the Internet

Instantaneous file syncing was huge in 2008, with free, cross-platform application Dropbox leading the pack. Dropbox boasts web-based version control, fast and instant syncs, and a dead-simple setup. Among other things, Dropbox makes for the perfect password syncer. (Original post)

Executor Challenges Launchy, Impresses

Open-source application Launchy has long been a favorite of savvy keyboarders looking for quick app launching in Windows, but a saucy newcomer called Executor hit the ground running when it was released earlier this year. Check out our original post for a more detailed rundown of what makes Executor so impressive.

Sharepod Frees Your iPod from iTunes

Want to free yourself from the shackles of iTunes but still want full functionality from your iPod? Sharepod is a lightweight iTunes alternative that runs directly from your iPod, so it’s with you whenever and wherever you plug in your player.

Windows Vista Copies Mac OS X…..

 oh oh, what to say Apple is proving something worth yet. There is something here to realize, did WINDOWS VISTA copia from MAC OS X. May be yes and here is the proof. But what i want say is its always a business going around, like adapting the technology. I just dont know why Apple gone too wild flaming on Microsoft, may be the copy of MAC OS had brought loss to them and profit to Microsoft….

PluggedIn: Vista’s growing pains leave room for XP


 Vista’s growing pains, leave room for XP 


“Microsoft Windows Vista software sit on display at a store in New York January 30, 2007. Problems are part of the normal growing pains that come with every major upgrade to the Windows operating system. To ease those pains, some consumers are seeking out machines equipped with the more compatible Windows XP. ” -REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Microsoft says most people using Vista are pleased with it and that nearly all software and hardware is compatible.

Craig Rabe, owner of the Computer Cafe, an independent computer store in Arlington, Massachusetts, says he received so many complaints about Vista after it was launched in February that he stopped selling machines loaded with the software.

“People came back and said, ‘Please, will you take this off and replace it with XP,” he said.

Microsoft says it has put a lot of effort into working with other companies to solve any problems.

“There are some products that don’t work with it,” said Windows group product manager Justin Jed. “But … the data shows louder than the anecdotes that people are having a great experience with Windows Vista.”

What’s more, about 96 percent of all printers, keyboards, mice, scanners and other devices in use are compatible with Vista, as are about 2,000 software programs, including 49 of the current 50 best-selling retail titles, he says.

Microsoft declined to comment on specific problems.The Windows User Group says Vista is an “awesome” system and all of its employees use it. But the company, which provides technical advice on Windows and runs online communities, cautions that the switch can be uncomfortable.

“We are going after the ones that impact the most customers,” Jed said. “Obviously you cannot be all things to all people.” –By Jim Finkle

Thus we cant judge whats should be done on these circumstance, but we are safe untill XP is alive…….