New Discovery about the Fabric of Space-Time

Scientists have turned up rare evidence that space-time is smooth as Einstein predicted, while pushing closer to a complete theory of gravity.

From NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope.


Love your Life or to Live the Life…

When you love your life,
there comes a moment to hate it too;
due to polarity conciousness.
So loving the life is not necessarily to be allowed.
But living the life is intertwined with living the moment,
that moment we become the source of love;
the true nature of thyself conciously being in the state of ‘ Now ‘,
where you radiate love from your own existence.
That moment u will forget ur limitations and boundaries of the word “I”
and feel the oneness of all onto you.
So learn and know to live the life rather trying to love it.

Smoke leading nowhere !

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                       This images seems like a yin yang picture, and ofcourse it is but in our body and one of the major part of our body . Okai, lets come to the point which side of the lungs you prefer if you are asked for anyone. Iam not sure of which one you people will choose but i  surely know which one you won’t, the right side lungs. Cause right side lungs  seems to be ugly then anything else in this image and whether you know it or not that is the graphic picture of a smoker’s lungs. YES, this image is provided by Britain’s Department of Health showing a healthy lung, in left and a diseased lung in right.


OK, the monologue isnt over….

Lets make this a detailed information desk,

Here are some smoking effects, affecting your body :

1. The sense of smell decreases for smokers and the process of decreasing grows when smoking continued.

2. Cause terrible development of chest infections.

3. Smokers are at greater risk of developing cancer, especially in the throat, lungs.

4. People with asthma,  you know that so dont even try.

5. In our eye, the blood vessels in retina are very soft and sensitive so smoking can damage it very easily.

6. Loss of power in eyesight.

7. It affects the whole mouth, really true.

8. For the skin, a single cigarette can reduce the blood supply to the skin when smoking.

9. Tobacco smoke can also cause gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

10. Mucus secretion in your lungs is impaired, also leading to chronic coughing. So it affects your heart,lungs, stomach, kidney, bladder, reproductive system  etc almost every organs in your body, thats really worst .



Many people may have heard about this ,

                   Some people may think “i hear these comments daily” but here is the WORST BIG SHOT , it affects your next generation, your babies and so on. Lets make it clear science, once it mixes with the blood, when it mixes with the blood ? , when people get addicted and when people get addicted ? , when they cant live without it, now to the point once it mixes with the blood then your body asks more for it. At those time periods you will feel tensed and restless, thereby having a puff only can relieve it and thats a cause of  perfect addiction. So when it gets to mix with blood vessels thats it over, whereever the blood goes(the blood goes throughout the body isnt it), the tobacco reveals itself harming and even through reproduction which affects your whole evolution. I just cant imagine why people used to smoke, as its no use for anything except harm .

                 It harms yourself, your surrounding, your generation and what else can i say, plzzz quit smoking if you are into and know these effects to help your mates, friends and relations to quit it as soon possible . Life  is not over if you are into smoking, when you start getting rid of it your body condition can be regained but if addicted its a very dificult task. But still “where there is a will, there is a way”.

                 There are so many joyfull activites out there, which gives you more pleasure and happyiness in life. Note this point ” Life can be lived fully, when not addicted to anything in life “, this is the truth…and when you follow it, you will know what you have gained from being so.

So quit smoking if are into and help your mates quitting…., i could say non-smokers are lucky and happier in these cases..

Save who you care for, saves world……

what is law of attraction ….

Law of attraction …

Law of attraction is not a normal concept to just think a second and leave it the next minute. If true to say, the whole world plays according to law of forces and forces are attraction, reflection and even penetrate. But on most cases, scientist choose to research on the attractive force as attractive force is the more like charishmatic expression, ofcourse every one want to become a star and not the moon or pieces of stone right !..

This video made me happy to feel as, thank you for the research done in attraction force. YES, a research not a discovery cause it was already said in many of the religious books and even by many saints in earlier days itself. Then finally our researchers are digging the science within which been kept burried, which obviously good for all………:).

Source for the Coolest Gadgets….



Your source for the Coolest Gadgets on the Web!


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Pretty as mentioned, yesterday night i was just thinking to make my site little better then what it actually looked. So i was searching for a widget site, finally got many sites but some sites are mentionable and obviously this is one of the site. Cause it makes you happy to use it rather just presenting the widgets. I just was thinking to put some youtube, flickr, LabPixies TV, LabPixies Clock stuffs directly to my website and yeah ! i did and did it very easily by this labpixies.

On day today life, our works are only increasing more and probably for web developers the competition is not less to be judged. On these circumstances, this kind a gadgets are like catalyst that lessen our stress and increases our sites quality as well as the traffic if true to say…

Hand Gestures Replace Buttons in Tech


                             Hand Gestures

Tracy Staedter, Discovery News-It won’t be long now before all electronic devices go “nano,” and shrink to the size of frosted mini wheat square. You won’t know whether to turn it on or eat it. But the real question is: How do you press those teeny buttons?

One group of researchers wants to do away with the keyboard altogether. They’ve designed a wristwatch that recognizes hand gestures and uses them for touch-free control of electronic devices such as MP3 players, cell phones, and home appliances. The technology could also be used by a doctor to control a medical device during an operation.

The Gesture Watch has five infrared sensors, four of which sense any hand motion that occurs above the watch. For example, if the user is wearing the watch on his left hand, he can move his right hand over the watch in an up or down, left or right, or circular motion. Different combinations of these movements communicate an action to the watch.

For example, sweeping the right hand once over the watch may mean “power on” a clockwise circular motion may mean “shuffle” and pausing the hand over the watch may mean, “power down.”

It was like we were changing everything with our technologies, but now it seems technologies are changing our life completely….