The Java Virtual Machine, diag in dept……….

I just put this diagram representation here cause this seemed to be very interesting to me and was also in dept. Thats what all we need, to be explained in detailed manner but easily understandable.

OK then,  these are the JVM components that play a role in the security framework are the class loader, class file verifier and security manager, thereby the diagram below explains it clearly.

Java virtual Machine diag

 Components of the JVM

 JVM-An abstract computing machine, or virtual machine, JVM is a platform-independent execution environment that converts Java bytecode into machine language and executes it. Most programming languages compile source code directly into machine code that is designed to run on a specific microprocessor architecture or operating system, such as Windows or UNIX.

A JVM — a machine within a machine — mimics a real Java processor, enabling Java bytecode to be executed as actions or operating system calls on any processor regardless of the operating system. For example, establishing a socket connection from a workstation to a remote machine involves an operating system call.

Since different operating systems handle sockets in different ways, the JVM translates the programming code so that the two machines that may be on different platforms are able to connect. Alright, thats all for JVM-Java Virtual Machine , diag in dept……….


What is bytecode, for true…

what is bytecode

Okai, hi buddies and thought for the day…  I got information about bytecode from many people but was not satisfied, then i got this image file from Java tutors. It gave me a big shift to my knowledge about the bytecode, i hope you guys like it too….