Hai everyone todays topic is sony, sony and only SONY……

 OKAI lets start,

  • Transfer video and music from your collection via Windows Media Player or simple drag-and-drop
  • High quality 30 frame p/sec video playback for outstanding clarity from even fast-moving images
  • 2.0″ QVGA (320×240) high brightness screen for superior colour reproduction. Plays video horizontally or vertically
  • Superb sound quality from 4 built-in audio technologies: Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, DSEE sound enhancement and EX professional grade headphones
  • 8GB with capacity of up to 2000 songs or 32 hours of video files*
  • Plays most popular music formats: MP3 , AAC (non DRM), WMP (DRM10) and WMA (non DRM)
  • Compatible with popular video formats MPEG4 & AVC (H.264) Baseline
  • Listen for longer – incredible battery life of approx. 33 Hrs music or 8 Hrs video
  • Express yourself – choose from 5 different colours
  • Exists in Black, White, Violet, Silver, Pink
  • Intuitive operation from mobile phone-like interface and menus
  • JPEG viewer with slide show mode
  • * Song capacity based on 4 minutes per song and 128kbps MP3 encoding (actual capacity will vary by content)
  • Is it enough and here are the other three models been released,

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    Thereafter, here is the configuration of the MP3 WALKMAN,

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     What to say, sony has always been the first choice for Audio Systems for me. Nowadays it has advanced to mp4 players. But still Sony remains in the history of  better audio quality system and  how can i say that without  experiencing it, i already did have a Sony Walkman 2GB mp3 player – Black, an unbelievable audio clarity.

    First time when i got it, i just saw and just saw it but did nothing. The physical layer was like some think glass fibre material and the digital display was inside it, i had never seen any mp3 player like that before. The glass layer was shining, reflecting, smooth at the surface which was spectacular in perception. The functions and features was acceptable and the quality of the mp3 songs was like original audio CD, iam serious it was.

    I dont want to compare this with IPOD, cause this is lot better. Now iam awaiting  for this SONY MP3 WALKMAN NWZ-A818 model, but anyway have to wait for the price to get reduced and thats it for today dudezz………:)


    Optimize Your Gaming Experience

    Dynamic Optimizing pro

     Game optimizer PRO

                    I saw  tremendous difference using this software, so want to share with you all. It automizes according to the required gaming performance and turbo boost your gaming experience. With the click of your mouse you can change your computer into a gaming machine.

                  Game optimizer pro will improve your gaming experience on any machine, new or old. By allocating system resources and prioritizing system processes Game Optimizer Pro brings out the gaming side of any computer.

                  Game Optimizer Pro has optimizes your computer in 4 different ways: dynamic optimization, static optimization, magic speed, and keyboard re-mapping.

    1: Dynamic Optimization

    Game Optimizer Pro cleans up Memory space and allocates workspace and memory processes specifically to the game you are playing. At the same time optimizing your hard drive and Game process, thus improving the way your system performs.

    2: Static Optimization

    Game Optimizer Pro will enhance your gaming experience by allowing your game to run faster and smoother with better frame rates by tweaking the CPU priority, Cache optimization, etc.

    3: Magic Speed

    One of the most exciting features in Game Optimizer Pro. It allows you to configure your speed index to either speed up or slow down your game. It also includes customizable hotkeys to adjust magic speeds functions.

    4: Keyboard remapping

    Game Optimizer Pro allows you to customize your keyboard to make the keys that you use the most more accessible during game play and to shut off the keys that can get in the way.

    Hope you all got something to work out with…….

    Windows Live – OneCare

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      Windows Live – OneCare

             Get a free PC safety scan from the microsoft website  ““.Windows Live OneCare, the all-in-one PC care service, you can scan your computer for free with the Windows Live OneCare safety scanner.

        Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is a free Web-based service that gives you quick, on-demand PC health and security scans to help you diagnose and solve problems.

       Okai,  PC safety scan from the microsoft, yes ofcourse microsoft. These scanning are done by the Windows Live website and its like a preview for the OneCare, one of the MS products. Fine, lets get into it.

    Quiet impressive step taken by MS and here is the diagram representation of the OneCare process as given bellow,

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    There are three types of  scanners which does their individual  specified scanning and they are,

    • Protection
    • Clean up
    • Tune up

    Protection Center

    Keep hackers and unwanted software at bay by keeping your PC secure, using free protection scan to check for and remove viruses, spyware, and other potentially unwanted software and to find vulnerabilities in your Internet connection, thats considerable.

    Protection Scan

     Clean Up Center

    This clean up scanner cleans up temporary files, unwanted files, thereby removes junk data from your  hard disks and recovers disk space. Finds and corrects errors on your hard drives . Removes invalid entries etc from your system and gets rid of unwanted stuff which might slow down your system.

    Clean Up Scan

    Tune Up Center

    Use this  free tune up scan for defragmenting your system which  helps to optimize and improve the performance of the your system and tunes up your system for better appearance.

    Tune Up Scan

    And finally the full service scan for full scanning. This actually  makes me happy cause before and all we need  each scanning software for doing these all the scanning process and here we get it in a package.

    Thats Okai, but many other relative softwares came into existence even before this OneCare has arrived. The softwares like System Mechanic(my Fav), Tune Up Utilities, etc  which proved themselves worthwhile. But as both are MS product,  OneCare scanning  Windows Operating System are better when considered. So here it is Windows Live One Care.

    Use the above links to get a trial scan…..hope you all got something worth yet.

    Smoke leading nowhere !

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                           This images seems like a yin yang picture, and ofcourse it is but in our body and one of the major part of our body . Okai, lets come to the point which side of the lungs you prefer if you are asked for anyone. Iam not sure of which one you people will choose but i  surely know which one you won’t, the right side lungs. Cause right side lungs  seems to be ugly then anything else in this image and whether you know it or not that is the graphic picture of a smoker’s lungs. YES, this image is provided by Britain’s Department of Health showing a healthy lung, in left and a diseased lung in right.


    OK, the monologue isnt over….

    Lets make this a detailed information desk,

    Here are some smoking effects, affecting your body :

    1. The sense of smell decreases for smokers and the process of decreasing grows when smoking continued.

    2. Cause terrible development of chest infections.

    3. Smokers are at greater risk of developing cancer, especially in the throat, lungs.

    4. People with asthma,  you know that so dont even try.

    5. In our eye, the blood vessels in retina are very soft and sensitive so smoking can damage it very easily.

    6. Loss of power in eyesight.

    7. It affects the whole mouth, really true.

    8. For the skin, a single cigarette can reduce the blood supply to the skin when smoking.

    9. Tobacco smoke can also cause gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

    10. Mucus secretion in your lungs is impaired, also leading to chronic coughing. So it affects your heart,lungs, stomach, kidney, bladder, reproductive system  etc almost every organs in your body, thats really worst .



    Many people may have heard about this ,

                       Some people may think “i hear these comments daily” but here is the WORST BIG SHOT , it affects your next generation, your babies and so on. Lets make it clear science, once it mixes with the blood, when it mixes with the blood ? , when people get addicted and when people get addicted ? , when they cant live without it, now to the point once it mixes with the blood then your body asks more for it. At those time periods you will feel tensed and restless, thereby having a puff only can relieve it and thats a cause of  perfect addiction. So when it gets to mix with blood vessels thats it over, whereever the blood goes(the blood goes throughout the body isnt it), the tobacco reveals itself harming and even through reproduction which affects your whole evolution. I just cant imagine why people used to smoke, as its no use for anything except harm .

                     It harms yourself, your surrounding, your generation and what else can i say, plzzz quit smoking if you are into and know these effects to help your mates, friends and relations to quit it as soon possible . Life  is not over if you are into smoking, when you start getting rid of it your body condition can be regained but if addicted its a very dificult task. But still “where there is a will, there is a way”.

                     There are so many joyfull activites out there, which gives you more pleasure and happyiness in life. Note this point ” Life can be lived fully, when not addicted to anything in life “, this is the truth…and when you follow it, you will know what you have gained from being so.

    So quit smoking if are into and help your mates quitting…., i could say non-smokers are lucky and happier in these cases..

    Save who you care for, saves world…… for beginners (Social Bookmarking in Plain English)


    WHAT IS DEL.ICIO.US ? is a collection of favorites – yours and everyone else’s.

    According to delicious site..

    ” You can use to:

    • Keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music, reviews, recipes, and more, and access them from any computer on the web.
    • Share favorites with friends, family, coworkers, and the community.
    • Discover new things. Everything on is someone’s favorite — they’ve already done the work of finding it. So is full of bookmarks about technology, entertainment, useful information, and more. Explore and enjoy. “

    This seems to be quiet adorable, easy, comfortable and what else can i say, its more then enough dudez. How many people joins in it that much benefit you gain and thats for sure. The people of the respective category can join together in there interest of sites, thats what i wanted long back and now so very true. “Share”, this is the only word and way that benefits either mates to get more then we expect. Now i think that i dont even have to explain the process of delicious, cause the video done it all and all of it so well…

    Now this is what i say  ” a fine video tutorial ” …I just can’t digest this, after seeing this video…man thats sharing.

    Hands on to Common Craft and ones again, sharing is the only way to love and benefit at all circumstances been implied………..