Did i hear about NOKIA AEON ?




“New mobile phone of the future”, as said….

Ok lets start knowing, now this is nokia aeon and the functions are like, the total body changes according to what instruction given to it. Thats amazing, cause you can see it above when the any button pressed like calc, radio, phone dail, or screensaver just the whole body changes to their corresponding functioning activity. Now i will say, “that is impressive” yeah ofcourse that is. According to released information, it is said to be a mobile phone with so and so features. But niether trial video nor a presentation been made, as its a new concept phone. Said as “Nokia Aeon – a concept for the future phone”(phone arena).

It would be great to hear that such a phone is going to arrive soon. Now what may be the design phase?, lets see. In the front face it totally has a virtual look and a headset with a touchscreen LCD interface.

Beyond all this its much larger display, an Aeon-based phone could change its entire interface to suit the user’s needs and uses virtual faceplates so the skins can be changed totally, means the body is changed virtually. And probably said to be a prototype, if thinking about it these features already shows that this is too much for a mobile phone.

NOW what about the battery, the IMPORTANT QUESTION ?


OKAI, its latest concept phone and i accept that too. The design is like a little extraordinary gadget type as shown in the above picture, thats a battery which looks like a scale. The concept phone, dubbed Aeon, combines two touch-sensitive panels mounted on a fuel-cell power pack and this fuel cell is the battery for phone. When assembled, one panel would operate as the display, the other as the keypad. Since the buttons are entirely virtual, Aeon can flip instantly between a numeric pad for dialling, a text-entry pad for messaging, or a media-player controller and ofcourse a fm-radio.

Now these devices are essentially “wearable” devices – if foresees users removing one of Aeon’s display panels and mounting it on a watch-like strap or worn as a badge.More than a phone, Nokia Aeon seems to have a complete utility pack giving virtual experience of having an radio,calc, player, or actually a phone but everything instead. This one will be cool device if true to say, lets wait and see when its released…..


9 thoughts on “Did i hear about NOKIA AEON ?

  1. pe0ple seem t0 have misunderst0od this. It is still a c0ncept ph0ne and it’s still 0n the pr0t0type stage. W/c means it is n0t yet available anywhere and there is n0 set price yet. But, n0kia has pr0p0sed that it will be s0ld at a cheap price. I’m just n0t sure if there’s any truth t0 it. H0pe that answers y0ur questi0ns., 🙂

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