My own prison…


 alone path

               After passing through 22 years of life, i got hold on  something which  always been heard from everyone’s mouth. WHY am i feeling alone even after having plenty of friends, girl friends, bros, ma, pa, and many..emmmm ? , actually its not a question to ask others rather ask ur self.. Its always your experience which gets you to know something, even after many people’s advice. I stopped thinking others words as an advise and took it as a option or suggestion, that is another option in the choice given to you. Lets come to the point, WHY i do feel alone ? , but the truth is you get to know who are you when you are alone, thats for sure. When talking with people and having fun , we just become the part of it almost not thinking about anything else. Cause its like a joy there and enjoying the moment and not that warrior mind ha…..

 But the truth is its always good to be on both side, that is being alone and being with people. Its like opposite poles when we be alone, we feel like ” i want to talk to anyone to get away from this boredom”, so we run here and there for people. Then when we are  in a getogether party or something where people together having fun, in the middle a thought arises “lets move home” or another situation, when all having a talk and u are very much sick of that speech going on , then u say  ” leave me alone, iam movin ” –note that situation ur getting away from the crowd which you asked before. As the prison is that you always are against with what you have..

Now for sure we are in a prison not living our loneliness or with people, being worse in both the situation emm…! yeah worse it is. Just try to take the situation for granted, yeah i tried . Living lonely in the loneliness and living talkative in the crowd. YES, the thing here to realize is being lonely is like a trip inside be clear, ” knowing self “. Its a very interesting situation when you experience, really dude. Rather we just run for being with someone, its actually “a running away thing” we run away from our own self. Get to a self trip and see, then you will say the same as i  do. Thereby my own prison was broked free.

Before and all i was escaping the situation in which i was, thats being rude to ur self not living the both sides ( the two poles) just like “escaping from being”. But theses days its like just free mind , i dont ask my self why iam alone and  just living the life. Its beautiful even when you are alone, really trust me. Its more beautiful cause there is no one to guide or push and you are on your own…ha ha . The boundry which i made, the prison which i was in , the boredom which i felt was not there.. what happened here is “YOU started to live”, live even when it feels empty,  it creates a path to self realization and no more arising of thought like that which disturbing the situation, the situation which is worth while all along…

“Be lonely in the loneliness and be talkative in the crowd”, though both the situations are fullfilled…..


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