what is law of attraction ….

Law of attraction …

Law of attraction is not a normal concept to just think a second and leave it the next minute. If true to say, the whole world plays according to law of forces and forces are attraction, reflection and even penetrate. But on most cases, scientist choose to research on the attractive force as attractive force is the more like charishmatic expression, ofcourse every one want to become a star and not the moon or pieces of stone right !..

This video made me happy to feel as, thank you for the research done in attraction force. YES, a research not a discovery cause it was already said in many of the religious books and even by many saints in earlier days itself. Then finally our researchers are digging the science within which been kept burried, which obviously good for all………:).


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Pretty as mentioned, yesterday night i was just thinking to make my site little better then what it actually looked. So i was searching for a widget site, finally got many sites but some sites are mentionable and obviously this is one of the site. Cause it makes you happy to use it rather just presenting the widgets. I just was thinking to put some youtube, flickr, LabPixies TV, LabPixies Clock stuffs directly to my website and yeah ! i did and did it very easily by this labpixies.

On day today life, our works are only increasing more and probably for web developers the competition is not less to be judged. On these circumstances, this kind a gadgets are like catalyst that lessen our stress and increases our sites quality as well as the traffic if true to say…