Hand Gestures Replace Buttons in Tech


                             Hand Gestures

Tracy Staedter, Discovery News-It won’t be long now before all electronic devices go “nano,” and shrink to the size of frosted mini wheat square. You won’t know whether to turn it on or eat it. But the real question is: How do you press those teeny buttons?

One group of researchers wants to do away with the keyboard altogether. They’ve designed a wristwatch that recognizes hand gestures and uses them for touch-free control of electronic devices such as MP3 players, cell phones, and home appliances. The technology could also be used by a doctor to control a medical device during an operation.

The Gesture Watch has five infrared sensors, four of which sense any hand motion that occurs above the watch. For example, if the user is wearing the watch on his left hand, he can move his right hand over the watch in an up or down, left or right, or circular motion. Different combinations of these movements communicate an action to the watch.

For example, sweeping the right hand once over the watch may mean “power on” a clockwise circular motion may mean “shuffle” and pausing the hand over the watch may mean, “power down.”

It was like we were changing everything with our technologies, but now it seems technologies are changing our life completely….


PluggedIn: Vista’s growing pains leave room for XP


 Vista’s growing pains, leave room for XP 


“Microsoft Windows Vista software sit on display at a store in New York January 30, 2007. Problems are part of the normal growing pains that come with every major upgrade to the Windows operating system. To ease those pains, some consumers are seeking out machines equipped with the more compatible Windows XP. ” -REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Microsoft says most people using Vista are pleased with it and that nearly all software and hardware is compatible.

Craig Rabe, owner of the Computer Cafe, an independent computer store in Arlington, Massachusetts, says he received so many complaints about Vista after it was launched in February that he stopped selling machines loaded with the software.

“People came back and said, ‘Please, will you take this off and replace it with XP,” he said.

Microsoft says it has put a lot of effort into working with other companies to solve any problems.

“There are some products that don’t work with it,” said Windows group product manager Justin Jed. “But … the data shows louder than the anecdotes that people are having a great experience with Windows Vista.”

What’s more, about 96 percent of all printers, keyboards, mice, scanners and other devices in use are compatible with Vista, as are about 2,000 software programs, including 49 of the current 50 best-selling retail titles, he says.

Microsoft declined to comment on specific problems.The Windows User Group says Vista is an “awesome” system and all of its employees use it. But the company, which provides technical advice on Windows and runs online communities, cautions that the switch can be uncomfortable.

“We are going after the ones that impact the most customers,” Jed said. “Obviously you cannot be all things to all people.” –By Jim Finkle

Thus we cant judge whats should be done on these circumstance, but we are safe untill XP is alive…….

Exercise may help with hard-to-treat depression

I just posted it here, cause this seems very interesting and useful too,

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Regular exercise may improve depression symptoms in people who’ve failed to get better with antidepressant medication, the results of a small study suggest.


The study found that depressed women who started a supervised exercise regimen had significant improvements in their symptoms over the next 8 months. Those who didn’t exercise showed only marginal improvements.

Before the study, all of the women had tried taking antidepressant medication for at least two months but had failed to improve.

A number of studies have found that physically active people are less likely than couch potatoes to suffer depression. Some clinical trials have shown regular exercise can help treat the disorder, and perhaps be as effective as antidepressant drugs in some cases.

The new findings suggest that exercise can even help people whose symptoms have been resistant to medication, according to the study authors.

aerobic-exerciseDr. Alessandra Pilu of the University of Cagliari in Italy and co-investigators report their findings in the online journal of Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health.

The study included 30 women ages 40 to 60 who’d been diagnosed with major depression. The researchers randomly assigned the women to either stick with antidepressants alone or to start an exercise program. All of the patients continued to take their medication.

The exercisers worked out as a group twice a week for 1 hour, using cardio-fitness machines. At the beginning of the study and 8 months later, women in both groups completed standard measures used to assess depression severity.

Pilu’s team found that women in the exercise group showed marked improvements in their depression symptoms, while those on medication alone made only modest gains.

The findings suggest that exercise could be an effective additional treatment for depression over the long term, the researchers point out.

There are several theories on why exercise might improve depression. Physical activity seems to affect some key nervous system chemicals — norepinephrine and serotonin — that are targets of antidepressant drugs, as well as brain neurotrophins, which help protect nerve cells from injury and transmit signals in brain regions related to mood.

Beyond that, people who take group exercise classes may feel better from simply getting out and being with other people. We all people just dont care about our health when we are busy with our work, but besides doing some exercise for our body and mind may worth yet….
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