Netvibes introduces a new sidebar and more!








  What is it actually ? ,
We all know nowadays widgets are the one which makes our sites prettier as never before. Normally Widgets used for websites, blogs, any sites you wish to make more pretty then ever…


Netvibes sidebar:

 “which will allow you to log in, register, find great content, and navigate Universes all in a single click”, WOW interesting is it..

Netvibes new sidebar

“With the new sidebar, you can now register for Netvibes, sign in, and find many helpful links for adding feeds and widgets to your page. We’ve also added categories to the sidebar, so that you can more easily browse your favorite types of content: Feeds, Basic widgets, Communication, Search, Applications, and External widgets“-Tariq KRIM,

Yeah man theses guys are doing gr8. As many people around dont want to get messed up with javascript, AJAX , bla bla … ’cause we like to share our info right then when we like to. Just cant sit and study each code in javascript, to present what we want in the website, blog or rss, right !.


Podcast Player :

Here is the Podcast Player which is like a  mp3 player, looks attractive and smooth and whateva present in normal mp3 player functions in  widgets of Netvibes.

Netvibes Podcast player


Netvibes performance:

There are lot of things been improved in the performance and speed, so that your Netvibes will now load faster, and fixed a few bugs, and netvibes also looks cool and smooth in views. Here is the link of the site click here..

Fine for the day, hope you people are ready to get hands dirty with these predefined widgets, ofcourse me tooo…………..


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